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"The Zroni Roll Fundraiser provides a delicious opportunity...selling family-sized pepperoni rolls
with a high profit reward to those interested in raising funds for a worthy cause or organization."


Welcome to the Zroni roll Fundraiser!


Easy Steps
to Getting Started!



#1 PICK A DATE....Email or call
Zroni Roll Fundraiser to get your fundraiser sale on the production calendar.


Let us know when you would like your order ready and we will give you your "Order Due Date".


#2 SET A GOAL.... Be bold....
go for the GUSTO.... and see results!


#3 SPREAD THE WORD... Facebook.... Instagram.... Email.... Family & Friends.... let everyone know your selling!


All forms are available on our site!


Now Scheduling for Fall 2018!


ONLY $14.00


  • $5.00 Profit for each Zroni Roll sold!
  • Easy Repeat Customer Sales
  • Fresh/Hand Made/Frozen/Ready to Bake
  • Delivered "Distribution Ready" and Hassle Free
  • Convenient and easy to sell!
  • Feeds Approximately 3-4 People


Don't miss out on why so many people are saying....
"Zroni is the best and easiest fundraiser around!"